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How can you maintain a truck properly?

One in three breakdowns is because the truck is not properly maintained. Usually this is not a large-scale defect, often minor repairs are required to get the vehicle running again.  You can then purchase  a replacement part on our website, for example  .  Nevertheless, it is of course better not to purchase a new part for your truck at all. To prevent this, you can perform some maintenance on your car, although this of course does not offer a guarantee.

Preventive maintenance

To prevent technical defects and therefore unplanned downtime, you can perform preventive maintenance, although you can certainly hire a specialist for this. You can also use telematics systems. This means that the truck is online connected to the workshop. In this way, the life span of the parts is linked to the transport schedule, but also to the maintenance schedule. It is also called predictive maintenance, as this way you can predict when the car is due for maintenance.


Many accidents with the cars are caused by something wrong with the tires, 43 percent of the accidents to be precise. In principle, such accidents can be prevented with the help of maintenance and control. For example, you have to check whether the tires have cracks. You should also check the tire pressure. If the tires are under 30 percent under pressure, they will wear one and a half times faster, while also using more fuel.


Unplanned downtime can also be prevented by regularly cleaning your truck thoroughly. This can help as dirt and sand corrode parts while also causing corrosion. Cleaning the car can extend the life of the vehicle. In addition, the residual value will certainly be increased. Another advantage of regularly cleaning the underside of the truck is that it can save up to 300 kilograms in weight. A tip when cleaning your truck: do not use chemicals. It’s a lot better to clean with a neutral detergent.

Mediterraneantruck is one of the most important European players in the tire and maintenance market. The brand and the chain have grown from a long tradition. The ATS network (later ATS Euromaster) was established in Great Britain in the late 1960s. Around 1990 the acquisition of tire specialists started in various European countries. The Mediterraneantruck brand was created in 1991.

Substantial geographic expansion followed in 2003 with the integration of Viborg, which is a major player in Northern Europe with more than 500 branches. Between 2004 and 2008 the Mediterraneantruck network grew in France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden, followed by Romania and Poland in 2009 and Norway and Italy in 2010. In 2010/2011, Germany and Spain expanded their franchise network with more than 500 branches, including the Servirueda and Rodi group.…